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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Infosys Puzzle Online Test - Campus Interview held at Hydrabad, Sept 2006

1. A person gives a book for binding, but the binder cuts the book in such a way that he cuts away the numbers on the pages. So now the person sits down to write the page numbers. What he observes is that the book had 61 times 3’s. How many pages does the book contain?
200  300  400  600  Can't be determined

2. Jarius and Kylar are playing the game. If Jarius wins, then he wins twice as many games as Kylar. If Jarius loses, then Kylar wins as the same number of games that Jarius wins. How many do Jarius and Kylar play before this match?
Can't be determined

3. Two trains travel from NewYork to Washington and the travel takes 5 hours journey time. Trains leave from Washington for every hour and an half hour and the trains leave from NewYork every hour. If the train leaves from new york , then how many trains from washington cross this train on its way?
17  18  19  20  Can't be determined

4. A man travels a merry go round .He says 1/3rd of the children are before me and 3/4th of the children behind me. How many of them are there?
11  13  15  Can't be determined

[Read below paragraph to answer Questions 5-8]
An artist has exactly seven paintings ---, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z -- from which she must choose exactly five to be in an exhibit. Any combination is acceptable provided it meets the following conditions:

a) If T is chosen, X cannot be chosen
b) If U is chosen, Y must also be chosen
c) If V is chosen, X must also be chosen

5. Which one of the following is an acceptable combination of paintings for inclusion in the exhibition?
T, U, V, X, Y  T, U, V, Y, Z  T, W, X, Y, Z  U, V, W, Y, Z  U, V, W, X, Y

6. If painting T is chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibit which one of the following cannot be chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibition?

7. Which one of the following substitutions can the artist always make without violating restrictions affecting the combination of paintings given that the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned second was, originally going to be chosen?
T replaces V  U replaces Y  V replaces X  W replaces Y   Z replaces W

8. If the artist chooses painting V to be included among the paintings in the exhibit, which one of the following must be true of that combination of paintings?
T is not chosen   Y is not chosen   U is chosen   W is chosen   Z is chosen

9. Clark, Jones, Mason and Smith are 4 people. Their professions are druggist, butcher, policeman, and grocer not in the same order as their names. Find their respective professions?

a) Clark and Jones are neighbours and they drive each other to work.
b) Jones earns more than mason.
c) Policeman earns more than druggist and grocer.
d) Policeman does not have druggist as a neighbour.
e) Butcher goes to his work by walk.
f) Policeman does not meet the grocer until he arrests him for exceeding the speed limit.
g) Clark beats Smith every time at bowling.

Refer below to get answer.

10. A person observes that his minute’s hand hours hand coincide every 65 min. Does the watch gain or lose time? If so, how much?

11. A woman asks the man about the weather. What is the temperature for last five days? She says "I don't remember the exact temperature, but the temperature’s product was 12 and they all are different. Find the temperature.

Answer to above puzzles with Explanations:

1. Between 1 to 100 : 3,13,23, (30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 ) ,43,53,63,73,83,93
The no 3 apears 20 times.
Similarly between 101 and 200: 20 times
And between 201 and 299 : 20 times.
Total 60 times and 61st 3 comes in 300.

Therefore there are 300 pages.

2. Let the no. of matchs won by J be x and K be y. Thus, total no. of matches already played is (x+y).

If J wins the current match: x + 1 =2y
If K wins the current match: y + 1 =x

Solving for two variables in the above two equations, we get=> x = 3 and y = 2.
Thus, they playes x+y=5 matches before.

3. Let us consider the time of departure of first train be 5 o' clock.
So, it will meet the following trains from opposite direction.

5 O' Clock to 10 O' Clock
5:30 " ------ 10:30 "
6.00 " ------ 11.00 "
6.30 ----------------
7.00 ----------------
7.30 ----------------
8.00 ----------------
8.30 ----------------
9.00 ----------------
9.30 ----------------

10.00 will not be considered because the train starts after the train from NY reaches Washington.

0.00 to 5.00 (will not be considered because the train starts arfter the train from Washington reaches NY)

0.30 ---- to 5.30
-------------- 6.00
-------------- 6.30
-------------- 7.00
-------------- 7.30
-------------- 8.00
-------------- 8.30
-------------- 9.00
-------------- 9.30

So, it makes a total of 19 trains.

4. [(X – 1) / 3] + [3(X - 1) / 4] = X
Solve the above equation and will get X = 13

A 1) If T is chosen, X cannot be chosen
B 3) If V is chosen, X must also be chosen
C 1) If T is chosen, X cannot be chosen
D 3) If V is chosen, X must also be chosen

6. 7. 8. Follow above procedure to find answer yourself.

9. please draw tables:
Jones => Grocer
Clark => Druggist
Smith => Policeman
Mason => Butcher

10. Refer Sakuntala Devi - Puzzles to Puzzle you.

11. Try yourself.

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