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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WIPRO Placement Paper (Aptitude and Technical) - January 2010 - Part 5

Questions = 50 ; Time limit = 50 minutes. no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test

41. which key in any windows screen is used to invoke file menu
alt+ctrl+f  alt+f  ctrl+f  shift+f 

42. Object which is used for calling the win32 api functions in QTP, we use
extern   description   environment   None 

43. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 01000001 and 11111111 on an 8 bit machine?
11111111   00000000   01111111   Overflow 

44. Which of the following does POP stand for?
Post Office Protocol   Peer over peer  Private Office Protocol   Post Optical Protocol 

45. Which of the following stages of compilation produces a syntax tree?
Parsing   Code generation   Lexical analysis   Semantic analysis 

46. Which of the following is not contained in a system description?
Internal data flows   Flows leaving and entering the system   Relationship between external entities   Internal components or processes 

47. What is the result of adding the binary numbers 01000011 and 10010000 on an 8 bit machine?
11010011   11110011   11001011   11010101 

48. How is the decimal value for 30 represented in binary?
00001111   00011010   00011110   00011111 

49. A memory chip has 8 data lines and 9 address lines. How many bytes can be stored on it?
511   512   500   256 

50. Which of the following devices requires the highest input data transferrate?
mouse   Keyboard   Floppy disk   CD 

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