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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to prepare for NIC Exam? Books for NIC Exam?

Here are few tips to prepare for the upcoming NIC Exam written test.

NIC Exam written test questions are asked mainly from Computer Science Subjects like C, C++, Operating System, Database, Networking, Data Structure etc.

Also, in NIC Exam written test, they ask questions to test your practical experience. They ask questions from Testing, Software Development Life Cycle etc.

NIC Exam written test will contain some programs and they will ask you to write the output. The programs will be either in C, C++, Java or Dotnet. Learn pre-increment, post-increment, exception handling etc to attempt these type of questions.

I would recommend this book for NIC exam: Galgotia Computer Science Question Bank latest Edition

All the very best!

If you have attended NIC exam before, please send your experience to sahoo.banshidhar@gmail.com
I will publish here with your name. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting book..Galgotia computer science book id MCQ type?

  2. sir,
    iam unable to download this galgotia computer science book can u plz help me how to do.


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