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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What is eLitmus test? How is it helpful for Freshers?

What is eLitmus test?

eLitmus deals with how fresher and entry-level recruitment is done in India. The pH Test (Hiring Potential Test) evaluates job seekers based on a variety of parameters, and grades them nationwide using an advanced statistical model, resulting in a pH Score for each candidate. An extensive range of online tools that they provide help recruiters to easily screen and select candidates based on this and dozens of other parameters.

How is it helpful for Freshers?

Freshers can take the pH Test and based on the percentile (National Ranking) they will get interview call from the Recruiters that eLitmus has tie-up. You will get regular Job alerts through email. You can apply those jobs that are relevant to you. The pH Test score will be used by the Recruiters for screening the candidates.

Who are eligible for pH test?

There is no eligibility criteria as such to take up the pH test. Cuurently, only candidates having/pursuing a degree in BE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/M.Tech or M.Sc(CS/IT) will benefit from the pH test.

What is the pH test fee?

The pH test fee is Rs. 750/-.
You can either pay in cash (accepted in our Bangalore office only), or send us DD or pay online.

pH Test Schedule:

The pH Test is conducted every few weeks across the country. The schedule of upcoming tests is regularly published on www.elitmus.com.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Capgemini Campus test paper (Aptitude) held at Kerala in July 2012 - Part 1

Capgemini Campus test paper held at Kerala in July 2012

This is a online test to Practice for Capgemini Campus test with Previous years solved questions.

Test Details: Total 75 questions , 60 minutes
1. Aptitude (25 quest)….20 MINUTE
2. Reasoning (25 quest)…20 MINUTE
3. English (25 quest)…20 MINUTE

CAPGEMINI Aptitude test: (25 questions)

1. The average salary of 3 workers is Rs. 95 per week. If one earns Rs. 115 and second earns Rs. 65, how much is the salary of the 3rd worker.
95  100  105  110  none of these

2. A 16 stored building has 12000 sq.feet on each floor. Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What is the number of sq.feet of unrented floor space.
12000  48000  60000  72000  none of these

3. During a given week A programmer spends 1/4 of his time preparing flow chart, 3/8 of his time coding and the rest of the time in debugging the programs. If he works 48 hours during the week , how many hours did he spend debugging the program.
18  19  20  21  none of these

4. A company installed 36 machines at the beginning of the year. In March they installed 9 additional machines and then disconnected 18 in August. How many were still installed at the end of the year.
25   27   29   31  None of these

5. A man owns 2/3 of the market research beauro business and sells 3/4 of his shares for Rs. 75000. What is the value of Business ?
50000   75000   100000  150000  None of these

6. If 12 file cabinets require 18 feet of wall space, how many feet of wall space will 30 cabinets require?
36 45  46  55   None of these

7. A computer printer produced 176,400 lines in a given day. If the printer was in operation for seven hours during the day, how many lines did it print per minute?
25200  2940   1764  420  None of these

8. From its total income, A sales company spent Rs.20,000 for advertising, half of the remainder on commissions and had Rs.6000 left. What was its total income?
26000  28000  30000  32000 None of these

9. On Monday a banker processed a batch of cheques, on Tuesday she processed three times as many, and on Wednesday she processed 4000 cheques. In the three days, she processed 16000 cheques. How many did she process on Tuesday?
6000  9000 12000 15000 None of these

10. The cost of four dozen proof machine ribbons and five dozen accouting machine ribbons was Rs.160/-. If one dozen accounting machine ribbons cost Rs.20/-, what is the cost of a dozen proof machine ribbons?
10  12 15 16 None of these

Aptitide: Part I        Part II        Part III

Capgemini Campus test paper (Aptitude) held at Kerala in July 2012 - Part 2

11. If a clerk can process 80 cheques in half an hour, how many cheques can she process in a seven and one half hour day?
800 1200  1600 2000 None of these

12. In a library, there are two racks with 40 books per rack. On a given day, 30 books were issued. What fraction remained in the racks?
3/8  1/2  5/8  3/4 None of these

13. The average length of three tapes is 6800 feet. None of the tapes is less than 6400 feet. What is the greatest possible length of one of the other tapes?
6800  7200  7600  8000 None of these

14. A company rented a machine for Rs.700/- a month. Five years later the treasurer calculated that if the company had purchased the machine and paid Rs.100/- monthly maintenance charge, the company would have saved Rs.2000/-. What was the purchase price of the machine?
Rs. 34000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 36000 Rs. 37000 None of these

15. Two computers each produced 48000 public utility bills in a day. One computer printed bills at the rate of 9600 an hour and the other at the rate of 7800 an hour. When the first computer finished its run, how many bills did the other computer still have to print?
7000 8000 9000 10000 None of these

16. If a salesman's average is a new order every other week, he will break the office record of the year. However, after 28 weeks, he is six orders behind schedule. In what proportion of the remaining weeks does he have to obtain a new order to break the record?
1/4  1/2  3/4 None of these

17. On a given day, a bank had 16000 cheques returned by customers. Inspection of the first 800 cheques indicated that 100 of those 800 had errors and were therefore the available immediately for data processing. On this basis, how many cheques would be available immediately for data processing on that day?
15900  15200 14600 14000 None of these

18. A tape manufacturer reduces the price of his heavy duty tape from Rs.30/- to Rs.28/- a reel and the price of a regular tape from Rs.24/- to Rs.23/- a reel. A computing centre normally spends Rs.1440/- a month for tapes and 3/4 of this is for heavy duty tapes. How much will they save a month under the new prices?
Rs.80  Rs.83  Rs.85  Rs.87  None of these

19. The dimensions of a certain machine are 48" X 30" X 52". If the size of the machine is increased proportionately until the sum of its dimensions equals 156", what will be the increase in the shortest side?
5"  6"  7"  8"  None of these

20. In a certain company, 20% of the men and 40% of the women attended the annual company picnic. If 35% of all the employees are man, what percent of all the employees went to the picnic?
23%  33%  43%  53%  None of these

Aptitide: Part I        Part II        Part III

Capgemini Campus test paper (Aptitude) held at Kerala in July 2012 - Part 3

21. It cost a college Rs.0.70 a copy to produce a Programme for the homecoming football game. If Rs.15,000/- was received for advertisements in the programme, how many copies at Rs.0.50 a copy must be sold to make a profit of Rs.8000/- ?
30000  35000  40000  45000  None of these

22. If the digits of my present age are reversed then i get the age of my son. If 1 year ago my age was twice as that of my son. Find my present age.
73  72  71  70  None of these

23. There are 6561 balls out of them 1 is heavy. Find the min. no. of times the balls have to be weighed for finding out the heavy ball.
10  None of these

24. If I walk with 30 miles/hr i reach 1 hour before and if i walk with 20 miles/hr i reach 1 hour late. Find the distance between 2 points and the exact time of reaching destination is 11 am then find the speed with which it walks.
150miles and 24 miles/hr  150miles and 25 miles/hr  120miles and 24 miles/hr  120miles and 25 miles/hr  None of these

25. A thief steals half the total no of loaves of bread plus 1/2 loaf from a bakery. A second thief steals half the remaining no of loaves plus 1/2 loaf and so on. After the 5th thief has stolen there are no more loaves left in the bakery. What was the total no of loaves did the bakery have at the beginning.
30  31  32  33  None of these

Aptitide: Part I        Part II        Part III

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