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Monday, October 13, 2014

What courses should I do after engineering/MCA to get an IT job?

This is the most common question each engineering fresher/MCA passout student has.

I am listing down few software courses that a fresher can take in order to grab a job in the IT Sector.
There are many courses available in the market, but I am listing few courses as interviewers don't expect a fresher to be expert in many technologies. You can choose any single course from the below list and gain good amount of knowledge in it.

1. Java
2. Dotnet
3. Oracle
4. Testing
5. Hadoop
6. C/C++
7. SAP

If you have already completed a course in any of the above technologies during your college days, I strongly recommend you for not going for another course. Rather refresh your knowledge in the same course and build strong fundamentals in that. Many times, the employer gives training on the specific technology as per project requirement.

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